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Computer Repair in Ealing

Problems with your PC?
Then call Compcontrol on 0203 757 6622

Computer Repair

Whatever problem you have with your computer we will repair and at the most competitive of rates. We can come to you or you can bring your computer to us. 

Our specialist ad-hoc computer repair service is ideal for people and companies based in Ealing and West London - those one-off emergency repairs and problems that can crop up from time-to-time when you least expect them. If you have a problem, right now, please call us on 0203 757 6622 and we will help you solve it – quickly and without any drama.


"I spoke to Yaro about my PC problem today and he got my internet connection working within minutes. Result: my nervous breakdown was avoided. Yaro was helpful and obviously knows what he is doing; most of all he did not assume that I understood computer language.

How refreshing to have someone like Yaro at the other end of the phone!"

Mike Saunders - IFA

PC Repair

Compcontrol are experts when it comes to PC repair. So whatever problem you may have with your PC we can help you - and fast. We understand the value of your PC and what not having it can mean to the success of your business. So we will ensure that any repair is dealt with quickly, ensuring the minimum disruption to you and your company.

And we do a great deal more than just fix things when they go wrong.

If your PC is grinding to a halt, you can’t stop those annoying pop-ups appearing, your email inbox is full of spam, or web pages you visit are re-directing you to unknown sites, then there is a very strong chance that your PC has been infected by a virus (Trojan, Malware or Spyware). We can diagnose this, clean your PC, destroying the problems

If you are fed up with sitting on the phone, waiting for technical support, then you need to

Call Ealing’s favourite computer repair company – Compcontrol - right now on – 0203 757 6622.

Laptop Repair

Laptops are unique in their repair requirements because amongst many other things their keyboards are integral to the laptop design and hinges for the screens are heavily used and, on occasion, neglected.

The good news for you is that Compcontrol are specialists in laptop repair and servicing and can provide you with support.

This can be from simple software updates and memory upgrades to repairing broken USB ports, broken power sockets, keyboard repairs, screen replacements and hard drive upgrades and data recovery.

We can even help you look after your laptop hinges!

Ealing Computer Repair

Suite 12, 45 St Mary's Road,
Ealing W5 5RG

Computer Repair Services

  • Internet Problems & Router Troubleshooting
  • No Power
  • Motherboard Repairs
  • Virus & Spywate Removel
  • Data Recovery & Crashes
  • Faulty Hardware & Hard drive failures
  • Memory Upgrades
  • Cracked Laptop Screens and broken hinges

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