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Bet your car has had an MOT this past year or we’ve just reminded you that you need one!  And the odds are that your car has also been serviced: to keep it legal, working safely and performing at its best.
But what about the thing that most likely keeps your business running?  That holds your customer database, all of your company's invoicing, sales letters, records and more.  Your PC.
At CompControl we offer a PC MOT and we cover all the things that will keep your PC running smoothly and safely; including cleaning the inside of dirt and dust.
Our MOT covers the following: registry clean up, hardware check, system security checks, system optimisation, defragmentation, system updates, driver checks and updates where possible and, of course, 'rubbish' removal.
An MOT costs £95.00 + VAT.
Is a MOT worth the money?  Without any doubt, yes.  But how about this for a reason why you should get your PC an MOT today?  If your PC is running slowly and wasting fifteen minutes a day that is 65 hours per year and that could easily be costing you £780.00 in wages you don’t need to pay.  If it’s your own PC, it’s 65 hours that you could be spending on making money for your business instead of losing it.

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