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Cost effective and reliable business broadband

Compcontrol provide a range of products to help you connect to the internet using ADSL2+ and Fibre Optic. We have a broadband solution that will be perfect for you and designed to give your business the flexibility to grow.

Superfast broadband will completely change the way you use the internet, not simply by saving you time, but also travelling away from the office, and by making immense savings on call costs possible.



Leased Lines

Give organisations totally secure, high-speed connections, with very high bandwidth, resilience and firewall security. Compcontrol leased lines are highly scalable, have guaranteed uptime, come with management, monitoring and support 24x7, which gives our customers an unrivalled network experience.

Compcontrol do Fixed Lines as well. Our standard landlines are super-reliable and come with all of the features you would expect to help you stay in contact with both your colleagues and customers. We do it all: voicemail, call waiting, call divert, call barring and anonymous call reject, plus a whole lot more.

We also have tariffs that could save you a great deal of money coupled with fast response times should there ever be a problem. Moving is easy too and you can even keep your existing telephone numbers if you want to.

By using the Compcontrol team your telecoms will be in ultra-safe hands and all at a very affordable cost.


VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol)

VoIP system

A VoIP Phone System has many benefits for a business.

One of the major benefits, with ever increasing phone bills, is cost, and this is becoming even more of a consideration due to the cost of high speed internet connections falling.

But there are much more important benefits than just cost, such as total scalability, as you can add extensions for staff and add offices anywhere in the world. Changes, updates and moves are easy. And you can be contacted on the same telephone number anywhere you have an internet connection.

All of this helps to boost staff productivity and at the same time improve your customer service standards.

However, there are still things to consider when purchasing and installing a VoIP system, like voice prioritisation, that only ‘carrier grade’ equipment is used, and what happens if your power goes down? Compcontrol are specialists in VoIP and we can advise and answer any questions that you might have regarding a VoIP system.